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The services we provide on the mains replacement programme are as follows:- we work alongside the ground teams and complete the reconnection of relayed and transferred services  including testing/purging the installation. We also survey and re-site gas installations to new positions and re-route the outlet pipework back into the existing installation. If required after a re-site we also relocate the earth bonding to the new meter position.
We receive a workload and manage/distribute it between our engineers to balance the work across the network to ensure a smooth and efficient service. We also work alongside the customer team to manage any complaints that might occur.

All our engineers are trained and on a daily basis complete all their work on an app system. When the ground team come across an industrial and commercial site we also work on these installations as we have certain engineers trained and experienced in this line of work. The above is what we carry out mainly on this contract but not limited to this, as a company we also have people in place that have the relevant certification to work at heights and except permits to become responsible persons of that site, we work on riser systems  on multiple occupancy buildings ranging in materials from screwed, welded and pressed. We can provide fabrication and installation of steel pipework also.
If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.


All our Smart Engineers are EUSR accredited. We have 3 phase engineers and also qualified in I&C Metering.
We are constantly developing our own engineers to gain more skills and qualifications.


We have over 30 years experience in gas installations ranging from G4 meters Medium Pressure Industrial and Commercial Metering: We are experienced in High Riser work, Purge and Relight work and also experienced in assisting network operators in dealing with local and national emergencies.


We pride ourselves on professionalism to our Clients and our staff. All our engineers present themselves in a professional manner. As a company, we are accredited to ISO 9001 and 14001, constructionline Bronze, Silver and Gold, 100% Achilles audited and AMICOP certified.


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Meet our team of experienced professionals.

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